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Detergente de 3 kilos para el mercado de América Latina
Packing&Loading quantity: 2litre*8bottles carton, 1500cartons in 40 HC 3litre*6bottles carton, 1340cartons in 40 HC
Product Details
Household Cleaning Product Liquid Laundry Detergent

A. Eco-friendly ingredient
LABSA, SLES, EDTA, sodium carbonate, liquid caustic soda, citric acid
defoaming agent, fragrance, pure water

B. Features
Effectively Removes Stubborn Stains: It thoroughly cleans and removes stubborn food stains on clothes 
and other stubborn stains on soiled

Gentle on Skin: The formula is effective and yet mild and gentle on skin

Phosphate-Free and Fluorescent-Free: It is 100% Phosphate and Fluorescent-free,  hence it is safe for baby and gentle on skin

No artificial coloring: It contains no artificial coloring agents, thus making the formula safe for baby

Concentrated Formula: Its concentrated formula makes the laundry detergent eco-friendly 
as only a small amount is needed for each wash
OEM packing:
  we can make the packing bottle as per your request, with your private label.

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